Services I Offer

My engaging and therapeutic training style emerges from a depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and sincere belief in the practice of this E.F.T. approach.Weaving together my personal vulnerability, command of resource material, 25 years of practice, humor, and invaluable, authentic emotional presence, participants are woven into a master cloth of experiential learning in my workshops.

Couples Therapy

I enjoy helping couples deal with stress or life changes that gets in the way of intimacy. Your relationship forms the foundation of your daily life.

Jim on Self-Compassion, an interview – click here 

Individual Therapy

I provide support as an invested, engaged therapist who is grounded in Positive Psychology, encouraging & emotionally present with you.


Jim offers a unique opportunity to come to Denver for 2-Days and work in a concentrated fashion on resetting your relationship, enhancing and deepening your bond.

E.F.T. Consultation/Supervision

E.F.T. Consultation in support of obtaining E.F.T. Certification and to deepen therapist learning and acumen implementing E.F.T. and E.F.T. friendly therapy models.


Across the U.S. and beyond, my engaging training style emerges fueled by a depth & breadth f knowledge and experience. Informative, inspiring speaker woven in a master cloth of experiential learning.

Speaking Engagements

One of my other passions is being welcomed to locations to speak and provide insight based on my 28  years of professional experience in a variety of settings and through life experience.

Business/Life Coaching

Strength-based business and life coaching for those who want to align their daily lives more effectively with their values and drivers.

Family Therapy

I provide support for families struggling with issues involving children, adolescents or young adults; and families wishing to reconnect and heal old wounds as adults.