Hi, here I am with part of the cadre of therapists who came from around New England, Canada and even Denmark for the “Gaining Traction, Get to Softenings” with Jim Thomas, therapist, an E.F.T. 2-Day workshop.  Deborah and Naomi, who hosted, were so gracious and welcoming, not only for me as presenter, but also everyone in attendance.  That really set such a lovely community tone from the start.  So honored to share this material.  The workshop, this master class, seems to have a life of it’s on.  I have the template, videos of clinical work to share, but the attendees bring so much to the experience.  Grateful for the powerful feedback, if you would like to read it, click on this link:  http://seacoast-eft.com/gaining-traction-get-to-softenings-with-jim-thomas-in-portsmouth-what-we-learned/

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